Rental Advice for Your Next Event

Rental Advice

27 Sep Rental Advice for Your Next Event

Rental Advice for Your Next Event

If you’re in the market for renting portable sanitation equipment for your next event but aren’t sure what to purchase, then look no further. We will help you figure out what type of portable sanitation equipment would best be suited for you and your own personal occasion.

Personal Home Construction, Church Construction, or Business Construction

If you’re planning to have any type of personal home construction, church construction, or business construction which will leave the restroom facilities out of commission for you and your guests, then renting one of our regular portable toilets would be perfect for you. Our regular portable toilets are perfect for occasions like this when you need a portable toilet for convenience and necessity.

Outdoor Wedding, Church Picnic, Graduation Party, Bar Mitzvah, Birthday Party, Class Reunion, and Block Party

If you’re planning a large, outdoor event like a wedding, church picnic, class reunion or any kind of party that will have a large number of individuals in one designated area, then our deluxe portable toilets and hand wash stations would be perfect for your occasion. Our deluxe toilets are outstandingly clean and roomy, paired with our hand wash stations, your guests will be able to have the absolute best time at your event.

Flea Markets, Concerts, Festivals, or State Fairs

If you’re planning a flea market, outdoor concert, outdoor festival, a local fair or carnival, then our trailer restrooms and portable showers would be ideal for you. When it comes to hosting flea markets, concerts, festivals or fairs, your guests want to be able to enjoy themselves without having to worry about long lines. Our trailer restrooms ensure your guests do not spend a lot of time in long lines. Our portable showers ensure that guests who are camping out for the events will be able to indulge in a nice shower so they can continue to enjoy themselves.
If you’re still wondering what kind of portable sanitation equipment you should rent for your next event or occasion, please give us a call or visit us online. At our website, Pit Stop Jons, you can fill out your own free estimate where we will help you determine what is best for your event and budget.

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