Portable Sanitation Solutions

Portable Rentals for Just About Everything

Pit Stop Jons provides portable restroom units, and related portable sanitation equipment, for construction industries, special events and all other personal use. Pit Stop entered the portable sanitation business in 2007. Today Pit Stop Jons sets the industry standard for portable sanitation services in West Michigan. We have units for every need—from a basic portable toilet to a deluxe restroom trailer suitable for elegant events, family gatherings, special occasions, church, and community events. We also pride ourselves on providing the cleanest, most professional service in the business.

As part of our portable rental service, you'll get:

  • The portable placed in a convenient location on flat, even ground.
  • We will vacate the holding tank and discard trash and debris in proper waste receptacles.
  • Refill the holding tank with an earth-friendly sanitizer.
  • Spray the interior with disinfectant then wipe down, clean and dry the walls, toilet seat, urinals, the exterior of holding tank, paper dispenser and the floor.
  • Spray the interior of the holding tank with a special deodorizer.
  • If a Hand Wash Station is ordered, it will be replenished and restocked. All units come stocked with hand sanitizer.
  • Sinks come with liquid soap and two rolls of paper towels.
  • All portables come with extra rolls of toilet paper. The technician will inspect each unit for minor damage or repairs.

Who rents portable restrooms?

We have happy customers from all industries and venues using the portable toilets for:

  • Construction
  • Real estate
  • Events
  • Municipalities
  • Parks
  • Festival committees
  • Family reunions
  • Personal use
  • Hunting cabins
  • Weddings
  • Campgrounds
  • Farmers 
  • Golf courses


What kind of portable toilet would you like? We have all makes and models. Are you a Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer advocate? We have pink units! Do you have a hunting cabin? We have green units! Construction site? We have blue and gray units! We even have flushable units.


Completely compliant with ADA standards, we have generously roomy units to assist families and those with disabilities. These are perfect for municipalities, parks, and events.


These units are fabulous! You might not think of a portable toilet this way, but take a peek inside and see for yourself! LED accent lighting, solid surface countertops, and smelling beautifully for your wedding, special event, or high-end location. This is not your normal portable!

Our trailer-mounted portable restroom rentals are ideal for agricultural fields and farms, as well as road, highway, and freeway construction, landscaping projects, graduations, birthdays, weddings or any other type of event. Our trailer-mounted portable restroom rentals will help to ensure we meet your needs accordingly. Toilet trailer units are available in 1 to 4 toilets per trailer. Our trailers typically have three toilets on the women's side and three urinals plus one toilet on the men's side. Some containers also carry portable sinks along with the toilets. Ask us about adding one on to your order.


Pit Stop Jons offers hot and cold portable shower rentals. Our portable shower rentals are available in a single shower room rental that is sure to help keep your job site or special event sanitary. As part of our shower rental service, we provide easy set-up and installation almost anywhere for your portable shower rental. Portable shower trailers can come in handy for multi-day events, renovations, sporting events, race events and even disaster relief situations.

This portable shower trailer rental requires the use of a garden hose type connection as a water source. We suggest you call customer service for availability as they are not available in all areas.


Not only does Pit Stop Jons provide you with portable restrooms and showers, but also portable hand wash stations. Pit Stop Jons wants to promote a sanitary event and what better way to do that than with portable hand wash stations? All across America businesses encourage hand washing after using the restroom, and we do too! Pit Stop Jons wants to provide our customers with the most luxurious experiences in the industry. Our portable hand wash stations are the perfect addition to any type of event to ensure that everyone is happy. Units are available in 2- or 4-place units.

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Pit Stop Portable Restrooms is owned by Kerkstra Services. We have the technology, the experience, and the know-how to solve your portable sanitation needs.