Portable Hand Wash Station Rental

Portable Hand Wash Station

Portable Hand Wash Station Rental

Not only does Pit Stop Jons provide you with portable restrooms and showers, but also portable hand wash stations. We want to provide our customers with the most luxurious experiences in the business. Our portable hand wash stations are the perfect addition to any type of event to ensure that everyone is happy.


Our special event and construction specialists work closely with you to plan appropriately and efficiently to ensure you get the most out of your portable sanitation equipment rentals in the Michigan state. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service. We ensure quality and safety every step of the way.

Service Plan

Each portable toilet service involves the following steps:

  1. Restroom to be placed in a conveniently accessible location on level ground.
  2. Holding tank will be evacuated and interior debris removed.
  3. Holding tank will be refilled with earth-friendly deodorizer.
  4. Interior walls, toilet seat, urinal, the exterior of holding tank, paper dispenser and floor will be sprayed with disinfectant, cleaned & dried.
  5. Interior will be sprayed with a special deodorizer.
  6. If ordered, Hand Sanitizer or Hand Wash Station will be replenished and restocked. All units comes with hand sanitizer. Sinks come with liquid soap and paper towels.
  7. Toilet paper dispenser will be restocked with 2 rolls. All units come with 3 rolls of toilet paper.
  8. The technician will inspect each unit for minor damage or repairs.
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