Pit Stop Jons Proudly Serves Michigan

Proudly Serves

27 Sep Pit Stop Jons Proudly Serves Michigan

Pit Stop Jons Proudly Serves Michigan

Pit Stop Jons has proudly served the state of Michigan since 2007. We pride ourselves on offering the best in the portable sanitation equipment business. We offer high-class rental options for our Michigan residents. Here is an overview of everything we have to offer:

Portable Toilets

Pit Stop Jons is the leading rental service of portable sanitation equipment. Our portable toilets are sure to fit your needs by offering you everything you would expect from a top of the line portable toilet rental. We provide clean and fully functioning portable toilets that will serve your needs 100%.

Deluxe Portable Restrooms

Pit Stop Jons took portable toilets to the next level, giving you deluxe portable toilets. These portable toilets offer you everything that our regular portable toilet do and then some. Our deluxe portable restrooms are more spacious and provide you with a changing area. These are perfect for events such a graduations, weddings, parties, etc.

Trailer Restrooms

Pit Stop Jons also offers you trailer restroom rentals. Our trailer restrooms are a trailer-mounted portable toilet unit. The trailer restrooms are ideal for open areas, agricultural fields, and farms. The trailer restrooms come available in 1 to 4 toilets per trailer. They feature 3 toilets on the women’s side and 3 urinals and 1 toilet on the men’s side. Some of our trailers feature a portable sink if needed.

Hand Wash Stations

Pit Stop Jons knows how important sanitation is. That is why on top of our portable restroom rentals, we also offer portable hand wash stations. Our portable hand wash stations are top of the line and pair perfectly with any portable restroom rental. We want to offer our customers with the best sanitation equipment in the business, so we offer hand wash stations that set up perfectly with our portable restrooms to meet all of your needs.

Shower Stations

Pit Stop Jons also brings you portable showers. Our portable shower stalls are perfect for construction sites or any event where you have several people gathered together who will be in need or showers. Just like all of our other portable sanitation equipment, our showers are top of the line.

Here at Pit Stop Jons we pride ourselves in providing the best services in the portable sanitation equipment business. We are proud to serve the state of Michigan and offer high-quality products and services to all our Michigan residents. If you have any questions or want to rent any portable sanitation equipment from Pit Stop Jons, please call or go online today. If you need a free estimate for your next event, please fill out the form on our website, call or stop by and see us today. We are located at 17261 VanWagoner Road in Spring Lake, Michigan.

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