Facts About Portable Sanitation Equipment

Portable Sanitation Equipment

16 Sep Facts About Portable Sanitation Equipment

3 Little Known Facts About Portable Sanitation Equipment

Portable sanitation equipment isn’t something that everyone is familiar with. In fact, when it comes to events such as large outdoor events like parties, graduation, weddings, etc, people do not know where to get portable sanitation equipment to fit their needs. This is where Pit Stop Jons comes in. Pit Stop Jons is your one stop shop for all your portable sanitation equipment needs. We serve the state of Michigan and help our residents get the service that they deserve. In doing so, we want to provide you with some quick tip knowledge. Here are 3 little-known facts about portable sanitation equipment:

  • Portable Sanitation Equipment is in high demand:

    Believe it or not, portable sanitation equipment is in high demand these days. With an increase in environment-friendly services and portable sanitation awareness, the portable toilets and other portable sanitation equipment are needed much more than it used to be. People now rent portable sanitation equipment for graduations, weddings, company parties, construction sites, and more. Pit Stop Jons can help you with your rental questions if you’re considering renting portable sanitation equipment for your next event.

  • Portable Sanitation Equipment is now more luxurious:

    Portable sanitation equipment is not your regular john in the woods. Today, portable sanitation equipment has evolved into a luxurious experience for people instead of a dreaded and hated object. Pit Stop Jons features elegant designs and clean portable sanitation equipment.

  • Portable sanitation equipment is very eco-friendly:

    Did you know that portable sanitation equipment uses 90% less water than a conventional toilet. This makes using portable sanitation equipment much more eco-friendly. This is another reason why choosing Pit Stop Jons for your portable sanitation needs is a must, we provide you with eco-friendly portable sanitation equipment for all of your events.

There’s a lot more to portable sanitation equipment than you may have thought. If you have any questions or want to rent portable sanitation equipment for your next event, contact us. You can visit our website for a free estimate for your next event.

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